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Designing Functional, Accessible Websites

In today's world when people are looking for information, whether they are looking for a company, an address or a job they naturally turn to the internet. A web presence is a neccessity for a business.

So what can a website actually do for your company?

A website can promote your company 24 hours a day and not just locally, but nationally and globally. A website will often give prospective clients' their first impressions of your company which is why at TXD we place so much importance on design and accessibility as well as functionality. We have designed and developed all sorts of websites for businesses, from basic 3 page sites to complex ones complete with bespoke content management systems and dynamic and interactive features.

Do it yourself website - get content management

Websites are continually changing. If you need to make regular updates to your site, it can get tedious having to phone up and ask your web design company every time. A Content Management System (CMS) allows content to be easily uploaded and updates to be made by you without any need for technical knowledge.