SMS API Gateways

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SMS API Gateways

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SMS, MMS, Wap Push, Barcodes and mobile websites

For over 5 years, TXD Ltd have provided business text messaging solutions for customers large and small sending thousands of messages simultaneously to databases of customer mobile numbers. Quick and easy, TXD's text messaging service is a highly effective, low cost solution that can assist your business in a number of areas.

Communicate with your customers

You may often wonder why you're asked for your mobile number, or if companies can contact you by text message or SMS. Text messaging enables your business to establish a unique, personal communication channel with your customers. Special offers, promotions and instant reminders can all be sent in a matter of seconds. Often harbouring results that far surpass regular advertising methods due to the instant call to action. Important delivery? Use SMS to inform your customer with order tracking or delivery information!