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Email Marketing

TXD has been providing email marketing services for 5 years; a period of time when the popularity of email marketing has soared with brands such as Topshop etc regularly using email to communicate with customers.

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There are lots of reasons but here are our top three:

  1. It's cheap and environmentally friendly. There's no paper involved, so no printing or delivery costs which also means no trees cut down and no lorries polluting the air!
  2. You can track the success of your marketing. For example our marketing system Power to Market can tell you exactly how many emails were opened and how many people clicked on links in your email!
  3. The 'viral effect'. As bad as it sounds it's actually a very good thing! If people receive a good email (e.g. with a great offer in), they will forward it on to their friends, meaning your customers do your marketing for you and it reaches people who would be otherwise out of your reach.